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Updated: May 27, 2016
Monthly Prayer Meeting 
On the 1st Wednesday of every month we get together to pray with the expectation that God will hear and be moved.  The monthly meeting has permitted members and the community at large to come together and pray for healing, for guidance, for intercession..  The prayer session is usually very targeted and mostly outward focused as we seek the Lord for the benefits of others.
Prayer Groups
Straight 2 the Heart Prayer groups is a smaller gathering that meets twice a month. The groups sessions are split between male and female. This gathering is more inwardly focused as individuals come together to seek the Lord for personal healing in all areas of life.  Past participants have experienced major breakthroughs and healing.  What is discussed in these groups remains highly confidential so participants are asked to contact Pastor Rogers and register for entrance into the group.  If you would like to participate check the calendar to see when the group meets up again and email your participation request to Pastor Rogers at