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Updated: Oct 16, 2016

Finding your S.H.A.P.E. in Ministry

 Spiritual gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality & Experience 
At Mt Tahoma we believe that a truly healthy Christian experience is that of a life of service. Service to one’s family and greater community and it is for that reason we invite you to participate in ministry. This survey will assist you in finding a ministry that fits you.

Ministry S.H.A.P.E. Survey


Ministry Interest Survey
Firstname: *
Lastname: *
Email: *
Phone Number: *
Communication:  Preaching;   Evangelism;   Missions;  
Education:  Teaching;   Encouragement;   Wisdom;   Discernment;   Leadership;  
Demonstration:  Service;   Hospitality;   Mercy;   Shepherding;   Giving;  
Worship :  Intercession;   Healing;   Singing;   Playing Instruments;  
Outreach:  Personal Ministres;   Community Service;   Lay Bible Ministry;   Prayer Counselor;   Prayer Ministry;   Bible Correspondance School;   Health Ministry;  
Special Focus:  Children’s Ministry;   AY /Youth Ministry;   Education Promotion;   Family Ministries;   Men’s Ministry;   Women’s Ministry;   Pathfinder Club;  
Sabbath School:  Cradle Roll (Birth-3);   Kindergarten (3-5);   Primary (6-9);   Juniors/Earliteens (10-13);   Youth (14-17);   Young Adult (18-30+);   Adult Teacher;   New Believers;   Superintendents/Planning;   Reclaiming Inactive Members;   Sabbath School Secretary;  
Music Ministry:  Praise Team;   Hymn Chorister;   Adult Choir;   Children’s Choir;   Pianist;   Organist;   Play instrument;  
Hospitality/Fellowship:  Greeters;   Ushers;   Social Committee;   Fellowship Dinners;   Decorating;  
Technical/ Media:  Audio Engineer;   Computer admin;   Photo Ministry;   Video Ministry;   Lighting Control;   CD/DVD Duplication;  
Leadership/Admin:  Elders;   Deacons/Deaconess;   Bulletin Secretary;   Church Clerk;   Treasurer;   Treasury Counters;   Marketing;   Finance;   Grounds Maintenance;  
Around others I am :  Reserved;   Outgoing;  
I base decisions on:  Logic/Facts;   Feelings/ Intuition;  
In relationships I'm :  Dependent;   Independent;  
My use of time is :  Planned out;   Spontaneous;  
Provide any experience you have that could be used for ministry.
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